cake design



Standard portion
A standard portion measures 2.5 x 5 x 10cm and goes perfectly with a party, coffee & cake or afternoon tea, where the focus is on the cake.

Dessert portion
A dessert portion measures 2.5 x 2.5 x 10cm, ideal for weddings, christenings, birthdays in combination with a dessert buffet.

Cutting Instructions

Round Cake

10cm diameter, 10cm high
10 dessert servings | 6 standard servings

Round Cake

15cm diameter, 10cm high

32 dessert servings | 14 standard servings

Round Cake

20cm diameter, 10cm high

44 dessert servings | 24 standard servings

Round Cake

25cm diameter, 10cm high

76 dessert servings | 38 standard servings

Square Cake

10 x 10cm, 10cm high

16 dessert servings | 8 standard servings

Square Cake

15 x 15cm, 10cm high

36 dessert servings | 18 standard servings

Square Cake

20 x 20cm, 10cm high

64 dessert servings | 32 standard servings

Square Cake

25 x 25cm, 10cm high

100 dessert servings | 50 standard servings

Around the cake

How many floors should a cake have?

How many guests have you invited? Different portion sizes are recommended depending on the occasion.
The cake floors can be combined in different ways.

We are also serving a dessert buffet, can we order a smaller cake?

Naturally. As a rule, it is sufficient to order a cake for two thirds of the number of guests. Example: If 60 guests are invited, a cake with 40 servings is enough.

We only invited a small number of guests, but still want to shine with a multi-tier cake. Is there a possibility?

This is not a problem. Dummy floors made of Styrofoam can be built in. The styrofoam cakes are also covered with fondant and no difference to the "real" cakes can be seen from the outside.

How is a cake made?

The cakes are approx. 10 cm high and consist of a biscuit (4 layers) and a light filling (3 layers). Then the cake is covered with a chocolate ganache or butter cream and finally covered with fondant (sugar paste). With a beautiful decoration, the cake becomes the highlight of your celebration.
Each cake is delivered on a cakeboard (serving plate). The plate is also covered with fondant and decorated with a satin ribbon that matches the cake.

How do you cut a cake?

Before the cake is cut, the decorations, ribbons and any supports / dowels are removed

Take the cake floors apart, tip: move a knife under the respective floor and lift the cake

Cut the cake into 5cm wide strips
Lay the strip flat on a cutting board
Cut portions of 2.5cm or 5cm each

Always cut the largest cake floor first. If a small cake is left over, it is easier to wrap it up, give it away or keep it.