Questions & Answers

How many floors should the cake have? How big should the cake be?

How many guests have you invited? Depending on the occasion, different portion sizes are recommended.


A standard portion is about 2.5  x 5 x 10cm



We serve a dessert buffet. Can we order a smaller cake?

Naturally. As a rule, it is sufficient to order a cake for two thirds of the number of guests. Example: If 60 guests are invited, a cake with 40 portions is enough.


The following graphic shows the number of servings per floor. The floors can be combined differently.

How do you cut the cake?

A cake usually consists of 4 layers of biscuit and 3 layers of filling and is therefore very rich. In addition, a single cake is also quite high, about 10cm and higher. For this reason, the pie pieces are not cut too big.


Based on the following patterns, perfect pieces of cake can be cut and calculated. Incidentally, the corner pieces are deliberately cut larger, as they contain more frosting from the edge.


Cutting Instructions:

For a perfect cutting edge you need the following items:

- a big sharp knife

- a vessel with hot, boiled water

- a damp cloth

- a cake scoop


1.) Before the cake is cut, the decorations, ribbons and any supports / dowels are removed

2.) take apart cake floors. Tip: drive with a knife under the respective floor and lift

3.) Cut the cake into 5cm wide strips

4.) Lay the strip flat.

5.) Cut 2.5cm wide pieces



Always cut the biggest cake stock first. If a small cake is left over, it will be easier to package, give away or pick up.

How long in advance should a wedding cake be ordered?

The wedding cake should be ordered at least 6 weeks before the wedding date as I can only accept a limited number of cake orders.

How is a cake made?

The pies are about 10 cm high and consist of a biscuit (4 layers) and a light filling (3 layers). Then the cake is covered with a chocolate ganache or a butter cream and finally covered with fondant (sugar paste). With a beautiful decoration, the cake will be the highlight of your celebration.

Each cake is delivered on a cakeboard (platter). The plate is also covered with fondant and is decorated with a matching satin ribbon to the cake.

Can you also combine a wedding cake with cupcakes?

Yes. A so-called CUPCAKE wedding cake consists of a small pie that is presented on a cupcak stand on the top floor. On the lower floors, either MAXI cupcakes or MINI cupcakes follow in the desired quantity.

Can you also use fresh flowers as decoration?

Many edible flowers such as roses, daisies, capuchin blossoms, violets and pansies are very suitable as decorative elements on pies. Only fresh flowers that have not been treated with pesticides and fungicides and that comply with food hygiene requirements may be used.